Kevin Pettway’s Wrong Way to Heaven Launch

After finishing his debut series Misplaced Adventures, Kevin Pettway was ready to try something new, like on a spaceship or something. But his fans were so eager for more of the Thirteen Kingdoms, his editor begged him to create more content resulting in Misplaced Adventures. To his credit, Kevin knocked it out of the park with his Wrong Way series. The first book, Wrong Way to Heaven, explores a new part of this world and brings in some familiar characters from the original series.

(TLDR but really want the book? Order it here.)

Masika pledges to bring two tortured gods, Rainn and Heron, home even though the great Oldham himself has refused them entry. Surely, her kinder Egren gods will breach the gap and provide a way for the lesser deities to return to their heaven. With her own country—and her manipulative older sister Meritities—against her, Masika must decide what her word is worth and how far she’s willing to go to keep it.

Cover Reveal VOD

Check out the recording of the cover reveal if you want a sneak peek of the inside read by the author.

Live Launch

We’ll see you Tuesday, November 14 at 8 p.m. CST on YouTube or Facebook or Twitch. That’s right. We’re everywhere!!! Wrong Way to Heaven is the first book in the Wrong Way series. If you want to see where it all began, check out Misplaced Mercenaries here.