First Annual Writer Retreat

Most of the writers we know, including those within our crew, struggle constantly to balance a full-time job, family life, and their writing. Sometimes, it’s a huge relief to just get away and leave everything behind, except the writing. Which is why we’ve decided to host a writer retreat.

Cool thing about writer retreats and how we’re mirroring them:

  1. other writers to hang out with
    • We’re not running away on our own, but inviting others to get away with us. There’s something about co-working with other writers where we all just want to get the work done. Peer pressure can be a positive force if used for good.
  2. a quiet setting that offers outside living for a break
    • We’ve chosen a sweet home in Dripping Springs, TX where there are great little hikes on the property as well as animals such as donkeys and horses to offer a bit of peace if a particular passage is causing stress.
  3. an opportunity to learn something new to improve our writing
    • On Sunday, after a full day and a half of writing, we’ve set up a tour of the Texas Hill Country Olive Co. where we’ll learn how to make olive oil and sample a bunch of olive oil and balsamic vinegars. You know, for the learning experience—and the yum.

Frustrating things about writer retreats and how we’re modifying them:

  1. the stress of preparing food or heading out to restaurants and the clean up and the decision making takes up over half of the time we spend. That’s not why we’re there. We want to write!!!
    • All meals are included with the fee. Our very own Zaepho is coming along to feed us all weekend. The menu includes fresh waffles with strawberry compote, charcuterie board with all the fixings, fried chicken, and so much more yumminess. The poor guy will also be washing our dishes. What more could we ask for?
  2. sometimes, authors talk a bit much and we’re trying to work
    • To keep the chatting to a minimum, we will have areas that are quiet no talking zones and areas—the kitchen and dining room mainly—for the chats.
  3. forced schedules when maybe I want to keep writing
    • The only schedule we have is for meals and the field trip. If you’d rather keep writing and grab a snack later, Zaepho will have some packed up for you. If you don’t want to go on the field trip, you don’t have to. (But it is included in the fee, so you’re aware.)

Plus, we’ll have tea, lemonade, and coffee available all day long. We’re not providing soda or alcohol. But we’re all adults, so bring whatever you need or want to keep your creativity flowing.

We only have 7 beds available: six bunkbeds ($425 each) and one double bed ($850). We’d recommend that you get a buddy you don’t mind sharing a bed with for that double. We’d love to have eight of us there. Yes, you’ll have to share the bed, but you’ll get your own room with just your buddy. If you want the whole bed and room to yourself and don’t mind the double fee, who are we to judge your choices.

Remember, these prices include lodging, dinner Friday, all three meals Saturday, breakfast Sunday, field trip Sunday, non-alcoholic drinks, homemade sweets, and snack foods.

Now that you’re ready to go, email with the subject “Writer Retreat”. We have a form for you to fill out and we’ll send you the invoice for payment. (If you need a payment plan, let us know and we’ll work it out.) It’s first come first served. So don’t wait!

Can’t wait to hang with y’all and get those words in. Let us know if you have any questions!