The Twelve Trials of Doug

by Jeremy Brundage

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Not Quite Legendary:

The Twelve Trials of Doug

Book: 1

“I would go to Hades and back for you.” An easy thing to say. A much harder thing to really mean.

In an ancient Greek world of monsters and legends and gods, Doug wants to make it on his own without the influence of his father’s reputation. In the kingdom of Larissa, far from the home of his birth, Doug is making a pretty good start. He has a steady job selling dairy treats at a franchise location and Doug’s outlook is bright.

And then Doug meets Princess Larisa, and the two fall madly for each other. But her father, the king, will have none of it. After all, Doug appears as nothing more than a yogurt slinger—not nearly good enough for the princess. Doug must prove his worth.

Under the orders of a dark influence, the king challenges Doug to complete twelve tasks. Doug makes the only decision a hormonal, confident young man can. He accepts.

While Larisa stays in Larissa to search out the source of the king’s odd behavior, Doug takes his nerdy brother Modifixeus on a trip of a lifetime. Along with a gaggle of automatons and the blessing of Zeus, Doug finds himself over his head almost immediately. If he doesn’t find a way to complete the tasks, Larissa and all of Greece will fall to the dark influence.

Even worse, Doug and Larisa won’t get that magical kiss they just know is in their future—if they survive long enough to experience it.

Going to Hades was a given. It was the “and back” part that looked iffy.

About the Author: Jeremy Brundage

Jeremy Brundage has worked as a stone mason, a carpenter, an artist, an animatronics engineer, and more. He is working on several projects with his brother James A. Owen for Coppervale Studios and assists in creating armor for the SCA at Windrose Armory.

Jeremy writes comedy, fantasy, and science fiction, sometimes combining all three.

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