Tarbin’s True Heir Launch Party

Come join us on Twitch for our first live virtual book launch featuring Tarbin’s True Heir. The IPPY award winner will be re-released on Tuesday, May 5th live here.

We’re re-releasing Kelly Lynn Colby’s debut novel Tarbin’s True Heir with pomp and circumstance by streaming live on Twitch with three of our fellow fantasy novelists. We’ve never done anything like this before. We’re excited–and more than a bit nervous. No worries though. Ann Rose, writer, literary agent, and all-around amazing friend will be our Master of Ceremonies.

Wait. Where is this happening?

Twitch. Yes, I spelled it correctly. I could tell you were stuck on that bit. Yes, it’s that place where gamers watch other gamers play video games. Did you know there’s a lot more on Twitch? There are artists creating and podcasts recording and comedians joking. Recently, a slew of writer conventions have moved to this platform. It’s opened up and we’re ready to dive in so you can interact with your favorite authors LIVE.

So Tuesday, May 5th at 7pm CST, go to Twitch.tv/curseddragonship. (If you want to interact live, which of course you do, then make sure to login with a user name and password. It’s free!)

Who Else Will Be There?

We couldn’t celebrate alone. So, we’ve invited three talented fantasy authors to join in the fun. Come with questions and we’ll be glad to answer. That’s what we’re here for.

Why Do I Want to Tune-in?

We know, there’s so much to do on a Tuesday night considering our current state of lock-in. Why would you want to interrupt the tedium and have fun with us? Well, if you need more incentive than fun times talking about magic and incredible lands and heroes, how about prizes? We’ll be giving away ebooks and signed paperbacks and gift cards.

That’s enough for now. Off we go to discover new worlds, experiment with magic, and video tape a true haunting. See you on the other side.