Launch Day for Blow Out the Candle When You Leave

Today is LAUNCH DAY!!! Join us at 7pm Central time LIVE on our Twitch channel to participate in this socially distant celebration of book two in Kevin Pettway’s Misplaced Mercenaries series: Blow Out the Candle When You Leave.

I want to go to the party!

Good, because you’re all invited. You don’t have to apply makeup or wear pants or hide the mess in your background of your camera’s view. Only the authors will be on camera. YOU get to sit all comfortable on your comfy couch and type in the chat all of your burning questions. And WE have to answer them. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

That sounds too easy. What do I really have to do?

Okay, okay, you’ve got me. You DO have to create a Twitch account in order to comment. Don’t fret! It’s free and no different than any of the other bazillion accounts you already have on other sites. Except on THIS one, you could win free books, chat with authors, participate in writing sprints, learn about the publishing industry, discover your new favorite world, and so much more.

But wait; there’s more.

Along with Kevin Pettway as our featured author, we’ll have honored guests Anthony Dobranski and H.C. Kilgour to entertain us with their witty banter and fascinating magical settings. All of the authors will be giving away books. Don’t miss your chance!

We can’t wait to see you tonight, Tuesday, July 7th, at 7pm Central on

Now I must be off. There’s lots to do before the launch tonight. I must clean up this ectoplasm, bathe my pet manticore, and tidy up the mad scientist laboratory.