Horizons Sneak Peek

Legion of Dorks presents: Horizons – An Anthology of Epic Journeys. This anthology series was created to raise money for the Legion of Dorks Gaming and Giving Charity Drive.

It’s time to introduce you to the talented authors who made it into this anthology. Some are seasoned writers, while others are celebrating their first sold story. You’ll recognize a few veterans from the first anthology: Laundered – An Anthology of Monster Messes. (If you haven’t purchased your copy yet, click that link to get it now. Half of all the profit still goes to the Legion of Dorks Gaming and Giving Charity Drive. Help us write a BIG check this year! If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free and still earn money for the charity.)

Stephen Adams is a software developer and podcaster. He spends the vast majority of his time flipping bits for his day job and yelling into a microphone for the 2Dorks family of podcasts and twitch streams. When not writing or making content on the internet, Stephen is hanging out with his unbelievably supportive family at their home in North Carolina. You can follow Stephen on Twitter @SteveHNH.

Stephen Adams wrote “Good Stew” for Horizons.

While not keeping a tiny human alive, Ashley can be found co-hosting her podcast Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, hitting the keys on her next writing adventure, rolling around in glitter, or dreaming of sleep. To hear more from Ashley, join her on Twitter @Phatekills.

A.F. Hartsell wrote “Sea-Foam” for Horizons.

Kelly Lynn Colby is a writer of all things fantasy. Whenever she tries to create a mundane story, a dragon pops in to take over. She eventually stopped fighting and caved to the magic. The dragons must have known something she didn’t, because her debut novel, Tarbin’s True Heir, won a bronze medal in the IPPYs for fantasy. You can find her work in the Recharging series as well as numerous short stories in anthology collections. Look for her new paranormal thriller series Emergence, with first book The Collector, set to release in FEBRUARY 2021. Her BS in biology hangs above her desk looking important while she writes about other worlds. To learn more about Kelly, follow her on Facebook.com/kcolbywrites or Twitter @kcolbywrites.

Kelly Lynn Colby wrote “Floating Castle” for Horizons.

Ben Collins likes boats, so when the opportunity arose to write a story about a journey, he immediately knew it would involve the high seas. He chose to focus on swashbuckling scoundrels instead of an admiralty ship as he felt pirates would be more likely to go on some ocean spanning voyage for the chance to look at some gold, and that he would be able to do much more with people considered lawless than a strict “by the book” crew under a crown. Should ye ever want to join in on the Twin Moon’s adventures all you need to do is answer, “What do you do with a drunken sailor?”

Ben Collins wrote “The Misadventures of the Twin Moon” for Horizons.

Citlalin Ossio is a hungry panda, whose hours of playing video games, especially Legend of Zelda, and watching anime and Korean dramas (which she justifies as “storytelling research”) fueled her desire to write fantasies and romantic comedies. Her short stories are featured in two anthologies, Eclectically Magical and Legion of Dorks Presents: Laundered – An Anthology of Monster Messes. She lives in Houston, Texas, and loves eating, being with her family, and creating art. Once in a blue moon she takes a break from raising her panda army to post on Twitter and Instagram @CitlalinOssio.

Citlalin Ossio wrote “The Hero’s Curse” for Horizons.

Chisto Healy has been writing since his brother handed him Dean Koontz’s Servants of Twilight at age 9. His hero and favorite author is Simon Clark so go read him right now. Chisto’s got a lot of great stuff of his own coming out and you can find all the details at https://chistohealy.blogspot.com which he does his best to keep updated. There are almost 20 books coming out with his work in them. He lives in North Carolina with his beautiful and wacky fiance, her chill mom, three of the most creative and awesome kids the world has to offer, and a plethora of kickass pets. Please reach out. He would love to hear from you. You can also follow him on Amazon.

Chisto Healy wrote “The Fate of the Prince” for Horizons.

Jen Bair is an author with an MBA, living wherever the Air Force dictates. Her short story “Judge Not” has been published in Cursed Collectibles: An Anthology. She spent five years serving her country in the Army as a Korean linguist and over a decade on the front lines of parenting a family consisting of a husband, four kids, and an energetic Malinois. She fills her life with adventure, from feeding a baby tiger a bottle of milk in Thailand to trying her hand at the flying trapeze in the Bahamas. She has been skydiving off the North Shore of Hawaii and logged hundreds of ocean dives in her pursuit for the perfect date with her husband 100 feet under the ocean’s surface. Her family is her life. Her writing is her passion.

Jennifer Bair wrote “The Lion of Saor Grove” for Horizons.

Taylor Adel is an avid writer and reader who dabbles in baking and drinks more coffee than should be allowed. Ever. She adores her rescue dog, Homer, and finds inspiration in the weirdest places. Be sure to check out her debut novel, the first installment of the Willow Moss and Kindling series, which releases March 2021. Her short stories have been published by All the Sins, The Birmingham Arts Journal, Every Day Fiction, and more. To learn what makes her tick, and to read more of her work, visit her website at https://ravingwrites.wixsite.com/tayloradel.  

Taylor Adel wrote “Beyond Reach” for Horizons.

John D. Payne grew up on the prairie, where the tornadoes and electrical storms play. Watching the lightning flash outside his window, he imagined himself as everything from a leaf on the wind to the god of thunder. Today, he lives with his wife and family at the foot of the Organ Mountains in New Mexico, where he focuses his weather-god powers on rustling up enough cloud cover for a little shade. John’s debut novel, The Crown and the Dragon, is an epic fantasy published by WordFire Press. You can find his stories on podcasts like The Overcast, magazines like StoryHack, and books like X Marks the Spot: An Anthology of Treasure and Theft. Stalk him on Twitter @jdp_writes. Patronize him at https://www.patreon.com/johndpayne.

John D. Payne wrote “Only the Dead” for Horizons.

L.T. Adams currently lives in northern Missouri where he spends most of his time with his children, wife, and three dogs. He finds his greatest peace outdoors and enjoys camping, kayaking, and making fire. As a professional amateur, he satisfies his diverse interests with hobbies that include archery, mead-making, crafting, and tabletop game design. L.T. studied history at the University of Missouri and education at Saint Louis University for his latest graduate degree, where he hopes to finally complete his doctorate someday. You can follow him on Twitter @ltadamswriting or email him at ltadamswriting@gmail.com. 

L.T. Adams wrote “Across the Unknown” for Horizons.

Release date for Legend of Dorks presents: Horizons – An Anthology of Epic Journeys will be Tuesday, November 10th. If you want to preorder your copy now, please don’t hesitate. It’s only $2.99 and half of all profit goes to the Legend of Dorks Gaming and Giving Charity Drive. Last year, they donated all of the money to Toys for Tots. They believe in good causes. Let’s help this group of generous gamers and podcasters give back.

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