20 Questions with your Favorite Author

We at Cursed Dragon Ship have a bit of a crush on authors. I mean, what’s not to like? These artists create new worlds for us to explore, dive deep into characters that teach us about the human condition, work in humor that gets us giggling out loud, etc. To feed our appetite as huge writer fans, we’ve started a new podcast: 20 Questions with your Favorite Author.

We record live on Tuesday evenings (when we’re not celebrating a book launch) at 8pm CST (9pm EST, 6pm Pacific) on https:/Twitch.tv/CursedDragonShip. The recording is available on our YouTube channel and wherever you get your podcasts. Our editorial director, Kelly Lynn Colby, asks her favorite authors the most cutting-edge questions, such as “What is your favorite ice cream? and “Where do you like to vacation?” You know, those hard-hitting answers that will change how you view the world of literature.

Alright, look, there are a ton of writing podcasts that actually do ask the important questions. We want to have fun and so do the writers. We do ask about their writing, um, because duh. But we also ask if they prefer cats or dogs or do they like drive-thrus or must order inside a fast food joint. You’ll learn a ton of fun details about your favorite author. If they’re not your favorite author before the interview, they will be after.

If you want a taste, check out our inaugural interview with horror author Jessica Raney on Twitch, YouTube, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Then join us tomorrow as we explore fantasy author, Mari Dietz. If you have any questions you’d like us to ask, come to the live event and type them in the chat. The whole point is to learn more about our favorite authors. If you bond with one that becomes your new favorite, odds are you’ll love their work as well.

Our future guests include Meg Hafdahl, Todd Fahnestock, and DH Dunn. If you have a favorite speculative author you’d like us to interview, please let us know at captwyvern@curseddragonship.com. We want to include all of your favorites.

We’ll see you on Tuesdays where you’ll get to meet your next favorite author.