Debut Horror Author’s Book Launch

For all fans of slow-burning horror that won’t let you go, Accidental Murderer in Apt 34 by debut author Chisto Healy is the novel for you.

Some mistakes haunt the guilty,

While others seek revenge.

Roger leaves the house filled with the memories of his father’s abuse to follow his sister, Kara, to the big city. He’s fleeing the trauma of his childhood, though his debilitating anxiety disorder stays with him. Kara finds a psychiatrist to help with that, a kind man named Mark Stephenson. Then Roger finds an affordable place in apartment 34 at Sunnycrest Apartments and a girlfriend, Lisa. Life is finally looking up.

That is until Roger realizes the girl across the hall, Alice, has a father very similar to his own. Brian’s screams mixed with Alice’s are too much for Roger to handle. He feels like he has to save the girl from her father’s violence, but his own fear and trauma interfere, and Alice dies.

As he tries to move on, to get past the biggest mistake of his life, Alice has other ideas. Now Roger must do for himself what he couldn’t for Alice. Make it out of Sunnycrest alive.

For the cover release, Chisto read a sample of this gripping psychological thriller. If you missed the cover release, check out the VOD here:

Still not convinced? Here are a few of the responses from the lucky early readers:

“I’ve been highlighting lines and screenshotting pages. It’s the way [Chisto] narrates Roger. I relate to his anxiety and insecurities.”

“Just when you think you have a fix on things and figured it out, trust me…you haven’t.”

“This book is incredible. Thank you for a great read.”

“This book was so not helpful to my mental health. I’m still trying to get over some of it, to sit with the discomfort of it all.”

Now that you’re dying to get your hands on a copy for yourself, we’ll see you at the Launch Party on Tuesday, October 19th at 8pm CST on