Release Day for Leather and Sage

We’ve got a treat for fans of horror with this unique take on witches and the origin of vampires. Leather and Sage is a supernatural horror by debut author Taylor Shepeard written in the unique dialect of early southern America.

If you see petals gray as thunder, leaves red as the setting sun, you run. Always run.

These words are both a warning and a truth. Stop the Curse of the Bloodbud from coming to fruition, lest the Forsaken bring the downfall of all the Coven.

For Ellie Hallivard, these are but ancient stories within her world of poultice brewing and apple tree tending. As the eldest daughter of the Matron of the Orchard Clan, Ellie must prepare herself for leadership, all while trying to protect her younger sisters, cultivate her love of a town boy, and undermine the spirit intent on devouring her mother’s soul.

Despite Ellie’s best efforts, her sister defies Clan law and touches a Bloodbud; the Forsaken is brought into existence in the body of a Hallivard.

Abandoned by her family and her Clan, the Forsaken struggles to understand why she’s been cast aside. Something is happening. She feels . . . different. Her tooths are sharp and smooth. Everywhere she goes, she can smell iron and daisies. And there’s a spark of something like lightning in her gaze of willow moss and kindling.

The Ancestors warn Ellie of the Forsaken, instill in her the knowledge of what must be done to keep the Orchard safe. If she fails to act, her surviving family, the Orchard Clan, and the entirety of the Coven will succumb to the devastation of the Infected. Ellie can save them all with a single act.

But can she kill her sister?

If you missed the cover reveal, watch the video now and get a peek into her world.

Still not convinced? Here are some reviews from early readers on NetGalley:

“This is a very solid book with a simple yet intriguing storyline. I don’t think I have ever read a book that uses the tone that Shepeard does in this one and, despite it taking a few pages to get into, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a very intentional effort that paid off incredibly well as I can’t see myself reading the characters through any other means. Speaking of characters, the mains (Lillian, Ellie, Kylie and a plethora of others) are told in depth enough for it to be intriguing, yet shallow enough to keep you wondering for more.” – Heather R.

“Taylor Shepeard’s Leather & Sage is one of the most emotionally charged monster novels readers will ever get their hands on. It feels very reminiscent of the theme of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Who is the monster in this situation? The one who was cursed, or the family that ostracized and condemned them because of it? Due to the multiple points of view, we see the characters dealing with their inner turmoil as they tumble further into their monstrosity. Taylor has done an incredible job balancing the horrific and sorrowful elements of this novel.” – Karlee B.

“This is a very interesting read. At first, I found the dialect (several of the main characters have not learned English fully yet) of the characters to be confusing, but as I continued reading the book, I found that I understood and even enjoyed this part of the writing. I feel like it really added to the uniqueness of this title and the authenticity of the characters.” Sara O.

“This book initially threw me for a loop with the dialect used in its writing. It did get easier the further along into the book I got. Other then that I really enjoyed the storyline. This was a, new to me, orgin story for the vampire. Definitely interested to see where things go from here with the next in the series.” Lauren E.

Now that you’re dying to get your hands on a copy for yourself, we’ll see you at the release on Sunday, November 21st at 3pm CST on