January Update

Time to check-in and let you know the latest.

  • Shelly Campbell and Megan King’s debut novel together has a title Knowledge Itself. We can’t wait until you get to read this YA post-apocalyptic set for release in August. Check out their introduction blog here to learn more.
  • Chisto Healy’s Accidental Murderer in Apt 34 has been turned into an audiobook. Check out Sam Rosenthal’s engaging narration on Audible or iTunes. Click here to go straight to Amazon. Book two exploring the unfortunate inhabitant of Apt 8 comes out in October.
  • The cover release for Gregory D. Little’s The Last Humans is scheduled for Sunday, Feb 6th at 3pm CST on https://twitch.tv/curseddragonship.
  • HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: We’re starting a D&D session on Mondays starting at 7pm CST on https://twitch.tv/curseddragonship. We’re all writers (or in the publishing industry) and can’t wait to have fun creating and tormenting characters. Tech test is on January 24th. Writing Wrongs logo below.