March Update

We have books for dystopian fans, fantasy fans, and post-apocalyptic fans on the docket ready to thrill you. See what we’re up to in our March Update.

Kevin looks adorable and happy, while Kelly looks exhausted and annoyed. I’d say it’s realistic. The freeze screens are so amusing.
  • Gregory D. Little’s The Last Humans releasing Tuesday, April 5th at 8pm Central on . We’ll give away two signed copies that night. Prefer the ebook? Preorder your copy now: .
  • Chisto Healy’s The Guardian cover reveal on Sunday, April 10th at 3pm Central. You’ll get your first glance at a new fantasy novel.
  • Shelly Campbell and Megan King’s Knowledge Itself cover reveal on Sunday, June 5th at 3pm Central. In this post-apocalyptic YA adventure, teenage Iris lives in a society that gathers data off of old hard drives to trade for the necessities of life. When she makes a huge mistake, endangering the entire settlement, she’s thrown out of her life of relative safety. In her new position, she’s exposed to a whole different reality and learns the secrets that could scorch their chance of survival more successfully than any of the solar flares.

Get your calendars out and fill it up with the awesomeness. We’ve got you covered!