Anthology No. 4 for Charity – Abandoned

We didn’t abandon the anthology. That’s the title! Legion of dorks presents: Abandoned – An Anthology of Vacant Spaces.

The winter holidays are quickly approaching, which means at-risk children will need our support again. To honor the call, we’re publishing another charity anthology for both your entertainment and to contribute to society.

On Tuesday, December 13th we have a big launch party. For now, check out the cover art.

It’s so striking and basically tells a story all on its own. Darquehalo Designs is working on the design now.

Meet the Authors

You’ll notice some familiar faces and some new voices. Their talents combine to create a collection of short stories that will thrill, frighten, engage, and inspire.

“A Silent Sphinx”

Mike Adamson holds a Doctoral degree from Flinders University of South Australia. After early aspirations in art and writing, Mike returned to study and secured qualifications in marine biology and archaeology. Mike has been a university educator since 2006. Mike is a passionate photographer, master-level hobbyist, and journalist for international magazines. Mike has placed some 190 stories to date, totaling well over 900,000 words in print. You can catch up with his journey at his blog ‘The View From the Keyboard,’

“Full House”

Matthew A. J. Anderson was born in Queensland, Australia. A daydreamer and avid reader in his childhood, he grew up to love horror, mystery, and speculative fiction; he most enjoys writing stories that disturb, inspire, and intrigue. He is now living in Albury Wodonga, New South Wales and in his free time is working on short stories as well as larger fiction projects that he hopes to publish. Matt also posts some of his shorter writing, as well as non-fiction pieces on his blog

“Hall of Abandoned Things”

Jen Bair is an Air Force brat, Army veteran, and military wife. She loves traveling with her family to foreign places, real or imaginary, whenever she can. Her family is her life. Her writing is her passion. You can find her published works at

“The Witch of the Mines”

Some of Dan Bridgwater’s earliest memories include watching Godzilla movies and Star Trek (The Original!). This love of monster movies and TV SciFi led to his reading every bit of science fiction and fantasy he could get his hands on. Eventually, all those stories in his head reached some sort of critical mass and now he’s creating his own. An Army brat and a Marine Veteran, Dan has lived on both coasts, the Midwest, Korea, and Kuwait. He now lives with his wife and daughters in Colorado, where he supports training for the US Military.


Tara Calaby lives in Gippsland, Australia with her wife and far too many books. She is currently a PhD candidate at La Trobe University, researching the social worlds of women in Victorian lunatic asylums. Tara’s writing has appeared in publications such as Strange Horizons, Galaxy’s Edge, and Grimdark Magazine, and her debut novel is due out in 2023 with Text Publishing. In her free time, she enjoys playing video games, attempting to learn Danish, and patting other people’s dogs. Tara’s website can be found at and her twitter handle is Tara_Calaby.


Dantzel Cherry’s short fiction has appeared in Fireside, Cast of Wonders, Galaxy’s Edge, and other magazines and anthologies. She teaches ballet, Pilates, and MELT Method when she’s not writing. She lives near the mountains in Utah with her husband, daughter, three cats, three chickens, and a rather startling horde of plants and baked goods. You can find out more at

“A Mistbound Proposal”

Sara Codair writes speculative short stories and novels. They partially owe their success to their faithful feline writing partner, Goose the Meowditor-In-Chief, who likes to “edit” their work by deleting entire pages. Their short fiction was recently published in Distant Gardens and Father Reefs. Find Sara online @shatteredsmooth or at

“The Quiet Tremors of a Hollow Heart”

D.H. Dunn writes fantasy and adventure fiction for readers who enjoy unexpected heroes, deep characters, unusual monsters, and imaginative worlds. He is the author of ten published novels, including the FRACTURED EVEREST series.

A former U.S. Navy sailor, he now wanders the coasts and forests of Maine, looking for hope and adventure wherever he can find it.

“Where You’re Supposed to Be”

Scott Edelman has published more than 100 short stories in Analog, The Twilight Zone, Weirdbook, Parsec, and dozens of other magazines and anthologies. Many of those stories can be found in his collections These Words Are Haunted, What Will Come After (which was a finalist for the Bram Stoker and Shirley Jackson Memorial Awards), What We Still Talk About, and others. He has been a four-time Hugo Award finalist for Best Editor and an eight-time Bram Stoker Award finalist. He is also the host of Eating the Fantastic, a podcast which has allowed listeners to eavesdrop on his meals with writers and editors since 2016. He can be found on Twitter @scottedelman and at


Jessica Guernsey writes Urban and Contemporary Fantasy novels and short stories. A BYU alumna with a degree in Journalism, her work is published in magazines and anthologies. By day, she crushes dreams as a slush pile reader for multiple publishers. During November’s NaNoWriMo, Jessica is a Municipal Liaison for the Utah::Elsewhere Region. Frequently, she can be found at writing conferences. She isn’t difficult to spot; just look for the extrovert.

While she spent her teenage angst in Texas, she now lives on a mountain in Utah. Discover more stories at

“Soul of a Beast”

Gregory D. Little is the author of both the Mutagen Deception series and the Unwilling Souls series, the concluding volume of which, UNFINISHED DEAD, just released. His short fiction can be found in THE COLORED LENS and the DRAGON WRITERS, UNDERCURRENTS, A GAME OF HORNS, ECLECTICALLY SCIENTIFIC, and MISSPELLED anthologies. He writes the kind of stories he likes to read: tales of human failure and redemption set in strange worlds where, be they magical or technological, everything is not as it seems. And spiders. He’s fond of spiders.

“A Trip Down Memory Lane”

Ellen Rikhof has spent her life along the waters of the Puget Sound. A high school student, she dedicates her time to her friends and family, reading, and entertaining the fantasies inside her head. A Trip Down Memory Lane is her first published work. You can reach her at

“The Silver Serpent”

Joshua Robinson is a British author of horror fiction. His work has appeared in Coffin Bell Journal, Night Picnic Journal, and Tales to Terrify Podcast, among others. Recently, his debut coming-of-age horror novella The Devil’s Gift was published by Ghost Orchid Press. He loves reading scary stories, and can’t get enough of horror movies. He can be found on Instagram @joshua_robinson_author

“Meanings and Mettle”

Miriam currently lives in Alabama with her husband and cats. She is employed as a sign language interpreter at an elementary school. Her published works include a young adult fantasy novella titled Wish Granted, a contemporary Christian fiction novella titled Her First Noel, and a young adult Christian novel titled Listening to the Rain. Her short stories have been included in Misspelled: Magic Gone Awry, Crunchy with Chocolate, and other publications. To learn more about Miriam or to find her published works, you can visit her website: You can also follow her on Twitter (@Miriam_Thor17) or subscribe to her blog:

“The Great Gift”

John Walters is an American writer, a Clarion West graduate, and a member of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association. He lived abroad for many years in India, Bangladesh, Italy, and Greece but now resides in Seattle, Washington. He has published novels, short stories, essay collections, and memoirs of his wanderings around the world. You can find his website/blog at:

Abandoned Launches on December 13th. Keep an eye here for more details.

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