Misplaced Mercenaries Adventures

We couldn’t just walk away from the Thirteen Kingdoms when the initial Misplaced Mercenaries series completed with the fifth book, Heroes Kill Everyone. The characters are compelling; the humor is addictive; the world is rich and colorful. The adventure has just begun. It can’t be over!

Luckily its creator, Kevin Pettway, agreed with us. So he opened his world to five talented writers, who will write a book a year in their own series set in the Misplaced Mercenaries universe. When you add Kevin to the mix, that gives fantasy fans a book every two months to continue their adventure through the Thirteen Kingdoms. So let’s meet them.

Meet the Authors

Jen Bair is an Air Force brat, Army veteran, and military wife. She loves traveling with her family to foreign places, real or imaginary, whenever she can. Her family is her life. Her writing is her passion. You can find her published works at http://jenbair.com.

Jen’s series Hettie Stormheart starts before the time of Keane and Sarah, by like a few hundred years with the first daughter of the Sea Witch. One Good Eye takes us with Hettie and Deryl, a disembodied eye that lives in the pouch around her neck, as they seek out magic wherever it may lie. And totally use it for altruistic causes. I mean, sometimes.

Jessica Raney grew up in the hills of southeastern Ohio looking for the Mothman and every other thing that goes bump in the dark Appalachian night. When not writing, she’s navigating Houston traffic and enjoying the Gulf Coast with a weird little dog named Gimli. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Jessica’s series follows Magdalena as she harvests souls to fulfill the deal she made with a god centuries ago. She’s almost done when she runs into a group of ill-equipped thieves and everything changes.

So what does Kevin want you to know about him? That he is married, lives in Florida by a river which will eventually sweep his house away, with two of the cuddliest dogs ever to deaden your legs? Sure. But mostly he wants you to know that he began making these books because he loved it, but he kept making them because he loves all of you.

Kevin’s new series follows a rambunctious, confident Hill Fury superfan, Masika who tours the Fell Citadel eager to see the places where her hero did heroic things. When she accidentally discovers two minor gods trapped and tortured by Angrim, Masika vows to get them home. After all, that’s what the Hill Fury would have done. Maybe Masika should have taken a closer look at what happened to her idol in the end.

William LJ Galaini has been professionally writing for over a decade after many other failed attempts at being a ‘regular person.’ He now produces narratives for games and writes prose for a living. Cursed Dragon Ship signed him on upon being impressed with his showing at a clapping competition where he only missed one out of four times! www.WilliamLJGalaini.com

William’s series is Invasion of the Chromium where being the most promising alchemist in Vastard is like being the most dry fish in the sea; nonsensical. And Arvin knows that, but he simply can’t switch off his brilliant mind, even when he accidentally opens a gate that unleashes a horde of murderous, metal monstrosities bent on the eradication of all things organic.

Chelsea is a born-and-raised Texan, where she still lives near family and with her two cats (aka the needy terrors who prevent me from working at home). It was her passion for stories that led her to pursue her major in history, minors in theater and anthropology, and onto her current masters in Creative Writing. It also led her to her membership in the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Her debut novel, Ironspark, came out on August 25, 2020.

Chelsea takes us to a tavern in the woods where a supposed witch keeps bar. It’s the perfect place for orphan Edie to find a new home. Well, until people start dying. You’ll get the first taste in Beer For My Corpses.

Ethan A. Cooper was born and raised in southern California, cutting his teeth on a steady diet of Transformers and Robotech, superhero comic books, sci-fi/horror movies, and scary radio dramas like The War of the Worlds and X Minus One. While he plots perilous situations for his characters to endure and creates digital art, he enjoys living in East Texas with his wife and their three children. Website: ethanacooper.com

With The Kin, Ethan introduces us to Leila, priestess of the Kin, and her everpresent Tyrac, smitten rogue, as they’re forced to leave their protective city of Pallid and adventure into the big unknown.

Last Night at the Jolly Chicken

Picture Last Night at the Jolly Chicken across the top and you get the drift.

We’re so excited to get these characters out into the world that we’re Kickstarting an anthology, Last Night at the Jolly Chicken, with a story from each author—along with a few special guests. Those fans who have read the initial series will remember the Jolly Chicken as the pub that serves Keane’s favorite travelers rolls—and they don’t serve chicken.

The cover art is above and shows you how much we believe in this project. Cricket Michel created this masterpiece. (You can find them on their website. They also happen to be a talented voice actor.) For the Kickstarter, we’re creating all kinds of fun and one-of-a-kind items to collect with your reading entertainment: metal bookmarks, cloth-printed maps, trading cards.

Keep your eyes here for the latest Misplaced Mercenaries Adventures news. It seems like we’ve been planning this forever. Now suddenly it’s moving along at lightspeed. We’re relieved to fill you in on the secret finally.

If you want to catch up on the completed main series before branching off, check them out here.