Debut Author Jen Bair’s Launch of One Good Eye

It’s time to celebrate the first book in Misplaced Adventures, One Good Eye by Jen Bair. Not only is it the first book in this expansion of Kevin Pettway’s universe, it’s also Jen Bair’s debut novel. We are so proud to bring this book into the world and so lucky to have Jen Bair a part of our crew.

What happens when you drag your magic-wielding siblings into a war? You get a family feud of epic proportions. When a foreign diplomat warns of an invading lord threatening their way of life, Hettie Stormheart whips her sisters into fighting shape to defend their home. Yet, the cost of victory may be worse than failure, and the fate of the island nation—and the Daughters’ Coven—depends on a more cruel than protective matriarch, sibling rivalry, and Hettie’s ability to navigate it all.

Cover Reveal VOD

Check out the recording of the cover reveal if you want a sneak peek of the inside read by Jen Bair herself. We also feature the cover artist Molly Phipps of We Got You Covered Book Design. She’ll be designing all the covers for Misplaced Adventures so this is just the first you’ll see of her.

Twitch Launch

We’ll see you Tuesday, July 25 at 8 p.m. CST on Twitch. Hettie Stormheart is the first series of six in Misplaced Adventures. We’ve got humorous fantasy gold coming to you. Can’t wait until you get your hands on these beauties. If you also can’t wait, you can preorder it here.