August 2023 Update

The shenanigans continue on this cruise. We’ve still got some tickets available. Honestly, we’ll always have tickets available, because we want everyone to tour with us.

Too long, Didn’t watch Version

  • Check out our newest crew member, Jeremy Brundage, writer of humorous fantasy—with footnotes and everything.
  • If you’re in the Houston area, we’d love to see you at Eastern Rim Funny Book and Vintage Con in Baytown this weekend, August 19-20. It’s free! Check out their website for the details.
  • For all you Misplaced Adventures fans, you’re golden age has begun!
    • The next cover reveal is for Wrong Way to Heaven by our originator of this world Kevin Pettway. We’ll see you on Twitch September 24.
  • Want to hear from your favorite author and see what all the excitement is about. Want to talk about your favorite trends and what you’d love to see more of? Join our Discord and be part of the publishing world:

We’ll see you on deck! And please accept any drinks offered by the android bartenders, but don’t drink them. Sometimes they get confused and put synthetic oil in them. If you refuse to accept one though, it hurts their feelings.