Ligia de Wit’s Burden of Faete Launch

Ligia de Wit returns with her triumphant second novel Burden of Faete book two in the Bradaís Pledge series. Ryanne and Titus explore their feelings for each other while being thrust into a civil war between their two peoples.

If you missed book one, get the ebook of Touch of Faete for 99¢ until the launch of book two on March 26.

(TLDR but really want the book? Order it here.)

“The line between triumph and tragedy is as fragile as a twist of faete.

Cover Reveal VOD

Check out the recording of the cover reveal if you want a sneak peek of the inside read by the author.

Live Launch

We’ll see you Tuesday, March 26 at 8 p.m. CST on YouTube or Facebook or Twitch. That’s right. We’re everywhere!!! Burden of Faete is the second book in the Bradaís Pledge series.