Gregory D. Little’s The Harmony Parasite Launch

For the fans of the Mutagen Deception series, get ready for book three, The Harmony Parasite. Gregory D. Little somehow worked his magic yet again with his trademark horror and science fiction combination with huge surprises in the end. They fled their world to escape death, but it may have hitched a ride.

If you’ve somehow missed the first two in this series, the ebooks will be on sale for 99cents Wednesday, April 17 through launch day for book three, April 23. You can’t beat that deal. Get them here.

Cover Reveal VOD

Check out the recording of the cover reveal if you want a sneak peek of the inside read by the author.

Live Launch

We’ll see you Tuesday, April 21 at 8 p.m. CST on YouTube or Facebook or TwitchThe Harmony Parasite is the third book in the Mutagen Deception series.