Shelly Campbell and Megan King’s Madness of People Launch

For fans of the Sol Survivors series, get ready for book two, Madness of People. Shelly Campbell and Megan King revisit the post-apocalyptic mountains of Alberta where one girl, who looks at things differently than everyone else, has somehow become a vital member of the leadership of her community.

Iris Ecosia’s world has ended twice; she’s not about to let it happen a third time.

If you somehow missed the first book in this series, the ebook is on sale for 99¢ Wednesday, May 29 through launch day for book two, June 4. You can’t beat that deal. Get them here.

Cover Reveal VOD

Check out the recording of the cover reveal if you want a sneak peek of the inside read by the author.

Live Launch

We’ll see you Tuesday, June 4 at 8 p.m. CST on YouTube or Facebook or TwitchMadness of People is the second book in the Sol Survivors series.