Accidental Murderer in Apt 34

by Chisto Healy

Accidental MurderV2 - eBook
Sunnycrest Apartments:

Accidental Murderer in Apt 34

Book: 1

Some mistakes haunt the guilty, while others seek revenge.

Roger leaves the house filled with the memories of his father’s abuse to follow his sister, Kara, to the big city. He’s fleeing the trauma of his childhood, though his debilitating anxiety disorder stays with him. Kara finds a psychiatrist to help with that, a kind man named Mark Stephenson. Then Roger finds an affordable place in apartment 34 at Sunnycrest Apartments and a girlfriend, Lisa. Life is finally looking up.

That is until Roger realizes the girl across the hall, Alice, has a father very similar to his own. Brian’s screams mixed with Alice’s are too much for Roger to handle. He feels like he has to save the girl from her father’s violence, but his own fear and trauma interfere, and Alice dies.

As he tries to move on, to get past the biggest mistake of his life, Alice has other ideas.

Now Roger must do for himself what he couldn’t for Alice. Make it out of Sunnycrest alive.

About the Author: Chisto Healy

Chisto Healy has been writing since his brother handed him Dean Koontz’s Servants of Twilight at age nine. His hero and favorite author is Simon Clark, so go read him right now. Chisto’s got a lot of great stuff of his own coming out and you can find all the details at which he does his best to keep updated. There are almost 20 books coming out with his work in them. He lives in North Carolina with his beautiful and wacky fiancée, her chill mom, three of the most creative and awesome kids the world has to offer, and a plethora of kickass pets. Please reach out. He would love to hear from you. You can also follow him on Amazon.

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