Beer For My Corpses – A Misplaced Adventures Novel

by C.M. McGuire

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Pick's Pocket:

Beer For My Corpses – A Misplaced Adventures Novel

Book: 1

Welcome to the Pick’s Pocket, where the spirits are high, but the stakes are higher.

In the depths of the Sedrian swamp, Pickett, the accidental swamp witch, spins tales to keep her ramshackle bar afloat. Only her loyal sidekick, Edie, knows the enchanting act is just a clever ruse. Yet, Pickett harbors more than magical secrets; a looming loan threatens to snatch the very bar they call home from beneath their feet.

As if unpaid debts weren’t enough, the undead decide to crash the party, sending patrons fleeing and Pick’s Pocket into peril. With a loan shark demanding more than magic tricks, Pickett finds herself juggling not just spirits, but the haunting threat of financial ruin.

Now, Pickett must pull off the ultimate vanishing act to save her bar. But can she keep the loan shark at bay, the spirits in check, and settle her debts? Or will her magical mishap lead to a hilariously haunting disaster?

About the Author: C.M. McGuire

C.M. McGuire may or may not be a cryptid living in central Texas, spoken of only in hushed whispers in small circles. It is said she holds degrees in history and creative writing and, when away from her word processor, teaches. This can only be corroborated by her elderly dog and 2 cats, but thus far they are tight-lipped.

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