Burden of Faete

by Ligia de Wit

Bradaís Pledge:

Burden of Faete

Book: 2

The line between triumph and tragedy is as fragile as a twist of faete.

Ryanne’s quest to unearth the elusive spark of creation within Titus that holds the fae’s salvation isn’t going exactly as planned. After all Ryanne wasn’t supposed to fall for the pirate. Her fae mentors warned her she could lose her humanity if she gets too close to the bradaís, eternal foes of the fae. But how do they expect her to complete her mission without getting too involved? It would be so much easier if Titus didn’t make her feel safe . . . and excited.

Titus seeks solace in Ryanne’s arms, the one person who can soothe his darkness within. Haunted by his past, he is determined to remain hidden, away from the relentless fae and the ruthless bradaís alike. Confronting either could spell disaster for the fragile peace he’s found with Ryanne.

Ryanne finds herself ensnared in a deadly game of fae and bradaís. The conflict threatens to crush her spirit and twist her fate with a darkness that is beyond anything she’s encountered before. Can she conquer her fears and stand against the most powerful of the bradaís while still protecting her beloved fae?

After all, she is no longer caílin—a child to the fae. Yet, it seems she may no longer be entirely human either.

About the Author: Ligia de Wit

Ligia de Wit is a quirky bilingual writer, residing in Mexico City. An eternal romantic who’s loved fairy tales and swashbuckling stories all her life, she blends both with fun language and a hefty sprinkle of romance while she’s at it. Her stories are full of personality with endearing characters.

You can find her short stories with Palamades Publishing, Backchannel Magazine, and  WordCrafter.

When not concocting stories, she works at a global leading distributor company. Chat with her at ligiadewit.com.

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