Murder on the Interstellar Express

by Gregory D. Little

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Bell Begrudingly Solves It:

Murder on the Interstellar Express

Book: 1

Bell’s lifelong wish was to leave her colony world. She should have been more specific.

In the face of an existential threat to her world—an impending alien invasion—Bell Beauregard does something unprecedented: her job. She’s rewarded by being labeled a traitor, sentenced to indentured servitude, and shipped off-world on a half-built colony ship being used as an escape hatch for the rich and powerful.

Bell is woken from cryosleep as part of an emergency maintenance crew, but before she even has a chance to shirk her duties or flirt with the enticing Tas, things go full “oh, f#*$ me!” when a fellow prisoner is brutally murdered and Bell is the most obvious suspect. To have any chance with Tas—and, like, clear her name and stuff—Bell must begrudgingly solve the murder.

But false accusations, unrequited romance, and having to make an effort are the least of Bell’s concerns. Because the killer isn’t content to stop at one victim. And if Bell can’t unravel the mystery, the only way to prove her innocence may be to turn up dead.

About the Author: Gregory D. Little

Gregory D. Little is the author of both the Mutagen Deception series and the Unwilling Souls series, the concluding volume of which, UNFINISHED DEAD, will be available in June of 2022. His short fiction can be found in THE COLORED LENS and the A GAME OF HORNS, DRAGON WRITERS, UNDERCURRENTS, ECLECTICALLY SCIENTIFIC, and MISSPELLED. He writes the kind of stories he likes to read, tales of human failure and redemption set in strange worlds where, be they magical or technological, everything is not as it seems. And spiders. He’s fond of spiders.

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