November’s Dawn

by C.T. Moshage

November's Dawn eBook Final copy
November's Dawn Chronicles:

November’s Dawn

Book: 1

Years after the mysterious death of her father, sixteen-year-old Josie Owens wants nothing more than to carry on his legacy as an engineer aboard November’s Dawn. This colossal walking ark has traveled the bottom of the oceans carrying the last remnants of humanity after an all-consuming flood. But Josie’s dreams drown when she discovers the secret her father died for: the ark was never meant to stay submerged.

This knowledge makes Josie, and those she loves, an instant target to those who would sacrifice anything to keep the status quo from changing and to those who want nothing more than to upend the firm hierarchy. At the same time, a glitch in the navigation system sends November’s Dawn directly toward a miles deep trench.

Faced with a multitude of challenges, Josie wonders if pursuing her father’s last wishes is worth the cost. Corruption and injustice permeate the last vestiges of humanity, but what if the great unknown of the world above is worse than their fragile existence below? If she follows her father’s vision, the ark could be destroyed on the surface. If she follows the rebels, revolution could tear the ark apart from within.

One way or another, Josie is the only one with the knowledge to make the final decision. If she makes the wrong one, not only will the ark fail, but the last spark of humanity will fade into darkness.

About the Author: C.T. Moshage

C.T. Moshage is a Chicago-based author of science fiction & fantasy. His debut Young Adult science fiction novel, November’s Dawn, will be released in spring 2024 and is the start of a planned trilogy.

Chris didn’t start writing seriously until after college, but when he finally did, he eagerly embraced it and hasn’t turned away since. When he’s not immersed in reading or writing, two vital elements of his life as an author, Chris enjoys playing tennis, exploring the many worlds of video games, and navigating the skies flying drones, even if his aerial footage is mostly appreciated by himself.

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