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20 Questions with Charity Ayres

As avid readers, we at Cursed Dragon Ship Publishing have grown bored with the questions in “respectable” interviews. What about the really important ones, like what is their least favorite chore or their favorite flavor of ice cream? This week we’ve booked Charity Ayres.

Charity Ayres is a military veteran who is a coffee-bleeding teacher and professor by day with her lamplight-like bat symbol calling her to wordsmith at night.  She is the author of numerous novels and short stories predominately set in fantasy or Science-fiction realms. Her stories have won awards and placement in the Writer’s Digest Short Story contest and Writer’s of the Future. When she’s not scheming creative ways to insult and kill characters, she spends her time hiking with her dogs or gaming with her kid.

Join us Tuesday, August 9 at 8pm CT on https://twitch.tv/curseddragonship