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20 Questions with David H. Millar

As avid readers, we at Cursed Dragon Ship Publishing have grown bored with the questions in “respectable” interviews. What about the really important ones, like what is their least favorite chore or their favorite flavor of ice cream? This week we’ve booked David H. Millar.

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, internationally published author, David H. Millar is the founder, owner, and author-in-residence of ‘A Wee Publishing Company’—a business that seeks to promote Celtic literature, authors, and art. He’s a board member of the Irish Network Houston.

Millar moved from wet Northern Ireland to cold Nova Scotia, Canada, in the late 1990s. After ten years of shovelling snow, he decided to relocate to warmer climates and settled in steaming hot Houston, Texas.

An avid reader, armchair sportsman, and Liverpool Football Club fan, Millar lives with his family and Bailey, a Manx cat of questionable disposition known to all as the “small angry one”!

Millar is the author of the five volume, ancient Celtic-based, Conall series. The Dog Roses a stand-alone, spin-off from the series is due to be published in September 2022; The Blood Queen, another Conall spin-off, will be released in early-2023.

Join us Tuesday, August 23 at 8pm CT on https://twitch.tv/curseddragonship