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20 Questions with Marisa Wolf

As avid readers, we at Cursed Dragon Ship Publishing have grown bored with the questions in “respectable” interviews. What about the really important ones, like what is their least favorite chore or their favorite flavor of ice cream? This week we’ve booked Marisa Wolf.
Marisa Wolf is a second-generation nerd who started writing genre stories at six. At least one was good enough to be laminated, and she’s been chasing that high ever since. Over the years she majored in English to get credits for reading, taught middle school, was headbutted by an alligator, built a career in education, earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and finally decided to finish all those half-started stories in her head. She’s written in shared universes across SFF, including military science fiction and space opera in the bestselling Four Horseman Universe (with six co-authored novels: Assassin, Hunter, and Ally with Kacey Ezell, Night Song with Mark Wandrey, The Lyons’ Pride and World Enders with Chris Kennedy, and a co-edited anthology with Kacey Ezell, Negotiation), urban fantasy in Hit World (with The Valkyries Initiative), and video and table top gaming in tie-in stories.
With over twenty short stories across multiple publishing houses, she’s had the opportunity to range from romantic fantasy to postapocalyptic genetic nightmares, and multiple genre points in between. Her forthcoming novel with Baen Books grew from one of those short stories, so no wonder she’s not planning to stop any time soon.
She’s currently based in Texas, but as she lives in an RV with her husband and their two absurd rescue dogs, it’s anyone’s guess where in the country she is at any given moment. More at www.marisawolf.net.