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20 Questions with Mark McCray

As avid readers, we at Cursed Dragon Ship Publishing have grown bored with the questions in “respectable” interviews. What about the really important ones, like what is their least favorite chore or their favorite flavor of ice cream? This week we’ve booked Mark McCray.

Mark McCray is an animation historian, podcaster, author, voice actor and television host who has worked in the entertainment business for over 20 years. McCray’s book, The Best Saturdays of our Lives which chronicles how Saturday morning became a competitive business was featured on Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast and Turner Classic Movies when McCray was invited as a special guest.

McCray worked as a television programmer for Cartoon Network, and was a key member of the team that launched the Boomerang Network. Mark McCray also spent 12 years at Adult Swim as the senior manager of Programming Operations overseeing Adult Swim’s on-air promotions and scheduling strategy. While working at Adult Swim, McCray was invited to lend his voice to a character on the animated Adult Swim series, Gemusetto Machu Picchu!

McCray has recently penned his second novel which combines his lifelong passion for comic book heroes, true-life ghost experiences, and magic elements which come alive in his Afrofuturism novel, The Paperboy: Dimensional Adventures. When a young, aspirational superhero loses his powers, Rudolph St. Clair resigns himself to civilian life. The former hero moves his family into the perfect brownstone apartment. Rudolph soon finds out that the apartment is haunted, and he would have to fight for his survival to solve the mystery of The Paper Boy: Dimensional Adventures.

Currently, Mark McCray is the host of The Best Saturdays of our Lives Podcast along with his cohost Dan Klink. The Best Saturday of our Lives Podcast was the winner and recipient of the Dilectio Sapientiae Award which was presented by The Miami International Film Festival in February of 2021.

You can follow Mark McCray on Twitter: @MarkMcTBSOOL & Instagram, Best_Saturdays_of_our_Lives and check out his website: www.tbsool.com.