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Book Launch Live

Come join us for the F4 Publishing launch of Slayter and the Dragon by Todd Fahnestoock.

Slayter has been given a terrible choice. The dragon who destroyed the city of the dark elves has alighted in Usara. His plan? To incinerate the crown city.

He finds and forces Slayter into a game—an insidious choice that will glut the dragon’s hunger for suffering. It is a game only the dragon can win. But Slayter outwits him.

The dragon vows revenge and sets in motion the prophesied conflict. Giants awaken in the land. The wheels of war begin to turn. Khyven, Lorelle, Rhenn, and Vohn all stand ready to fight, but it is five mortals against a horde of godlike beings. Only the most brilliant mind can pierce this impossible fog of war.

Slayter is pushed to the forefront and must uncover the solution. But can he do it in time? Or will darkness consume the lands at last?

Join us on TwitchFacebook, or YouTube live Tuesday, February 13 at 8 p.m. Central.