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Book Launch of Worldbreaker by Becca Lee Gardner

Come join us for the Eldros Legacy launch of Worldbreaker by Becca Lee Gardner.
The Dark hungers for Ksara.It has plagued her since she was a child. She is desperate to control it. As a Land Mage, she should be able to control it.But the Dark is growing wild. She cannot pass within fifty feet of a noktum without its inky arms lashing out to drag her inside. Even the most commonplace shadows have begun to reach for her.Now her brother lies dying on the deck of her ship. Her only hope of saving him is to sail to Nokte Murosa, a city wedged between two walls of noktum. There, she must strike a deal with the city’s vengeful leader, avoid a fanatical cult that wants to own her…And resist the whispers in her mind. Voices that accompany the shadows.The Dark is alive. It wants her, and once it succeeds…It will swallow the entire continent. Join us on Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube live Tuesday, December 26 at 8 p.m. Central.