Laundered – An Anthology of Monster Messes

by Kelly Lynn Colby

Legion of Dorks presents:

Laundered – An Anthology of Monster Messes

Book: 1

For your reading enjoyment, Legion of Dorks presents an anthology exploring monsters, the messes they make, and the people responsible for cleaning them up.

The multifarious collection includes:
An adorable pink monster who risks the political ambitions of her babysitter when her insatiable appetite upsets the entire community
When a soul is taken prematurely, Death must fix the error before the entire Master Plan unravels
A dragon who kidnaps his housekeeper
A prisoner on work release is forced to ask who the real monsters are
The magical realm where a fae detective must clean up the mess of her politically motivated mother
And more.

Half of all proceeds go to the LoD Gaming and Giving Charity Drive. Check out to find out who they’re raising money for this year. Grab your mops, don your hazmat suits, and dive into the adventure!

About the Author: Kelly Lynn Colby

Kelly Lynn Colby is a writer of all things fantasy. Whenever she tries to create a mundane story, a dragon pops in to take over. She eventually stopped fighting and caved to the magic. The dragons must have known something she didn’t, because her debut novel, Tarbin’s True Heir, won a bronze medal in the IPPYs for fantasy.

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