Tarbin’s False Prophet

by Kelly Lynn Colby

The Recharging:

Tarbin’s False Prophet

Book: 2

To save a magical civilization she didn’t know existed, Talia must fight her family and the prejudices of her people to do what’s right, even if it means losing all she’s ever known.

Talia had only just learned she’s the True Heir of an ancient city when the astropriests slap her with another title: Bright One. The Holy Gemstones, she traveled the continent to acquire, combined with the Tarbin crown are a Key to work a Machine capable of Recharging the magical power of the entire planet. A year ago, Talia didn’t know magic was real, let alone that there were entire civilizations of magicals hibernating, awaiting the Great Awakening.

Though King Roland thinks Talia is under a foreign influence, her twin, Tanin, knows better. She wants to steal everything that is his by birthright. Intent on her complete destruction, Tanin searches for advanced technology to regain his crown and title. He finds his weapon when he meets a prophet who speaks of the old gods and a bright future. Tanin finds his true calling and vows to stop his sister from rejuvenating the should-be-extinct magicals.

With the help of her guardians, some friendly dwarves, and representatives of the few surviving magicals—elves, dragons, mermaids, and nadph—Talia sets out to defy her upbringing and recreate a diverse world that thrived for millennia. If she fails, the magicals will wither away as the magic dies out and Talia will have no place to call home.


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About the Author: Kelly Lynn Colby

Kelly Lynn Colby is a writer of all things fantasy. Whenever she tries to create a mundane story, a dragon pops in to take over. She eventually stopped fighting and caved to the magic. The dragons must have known something she didn’t, because her debut novel, Tarbin’s True Heir, won a bronze medal in the IPPYs for fantasy.

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