The Twins

by Kelly Lynn Colby


The Twins

Book: 3

Fauna never dreamed she’d be part of a true family. Reconciliation with her brothers, acceptance from her best friends, and the romantic potential with Tucker all paint a bright picture. Her computer repair store is more successful than ever and she has a steady gig with Detective Flores solving cold cases. Yet she still has so many questions about where she comes from and why her empathic abilities are expanding.

The tranquil façade shatters when Fauna’s uncle resurfaces—her father’s brother whom her mother was always afraid of—with a pair of adopted twins who apparently can spontaneously start fires. What’s even creepier? Her uncle seems excited when people around the twins are burned to death. Fauna has to find the truth to protect the children and the shaky family she’s built.

While helping Flores clear his innocent cousin of murder, the bodies pile up. Fauna must find a way to stop the twins while protecting them from her scheming uncle. But her uncle has other plans.

About the Author: Kelly Lynn Colby

Kelly Lynn Colby is a writer of all things fantasy. Whenever she tries to create a mundane story, a dragon pops in to take over. She eventually stopped fighting and caved to the magic. The dragons must have known something she didn’t, because her debut novel, Tarbin’s True Heir, won a bronze medal in the IPPYs for fantasy.

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