Big Damn Magic

by Kevin Pettway

Misplaced Mercenaries:

Big Damn Magic

Book: 3

Somehow, Keane, the ex-mercenary king of Greenshade, must outwit a wicked usurper from within and an overwhelming army from without. And if that weren’t enough on his royal plate, when Keane flees with his pregnant queen and brainwashed mother-in-law, his own nefarious past rears up to smack him in the face.

A thousand miles away, Keane’s best friend Sarah, a swordswoman and sorceress-in-training, treks toward the only possible ally strong enough to help them: the goddess of either beauty, seduction, obsessiveness, or insanity.

Depending on who you ask.

Meanwhile, the child of a god commands all the powers of hell in order to grow an empire large enough to swallow the mortal world.

Can Keane and Sarah pull enough allies from an adversarial countryside to take back a kingdom, defend it from an empire, and defeat the greatest threat the world has ever known?

Keane is an accomplished smartass, and Sarah can blow out a candle from across the room.

It should be fine.

About the Author: Kevin Pettway

Kevin Pettway is a long-time fan of good fantasy as well as a smartass. He has brought together these two burning passions to create the Misplaced Mercenaries series, the first of which you now hold in your hand. Or are reading digitally. No one is telling you how to live.
Kevin lives in Florida with his wife of twenty-six years and two ridonkulously cuddly dogs, where too much of his time is spent wondering if he will someday be introduced to the world as “Florida Man.”

You can find Kevin on FaceBook, Instagram, or his own website at Fair warning, he is a smartass there, too.

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