Illusions of Decency

by Kevin Pettway

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Misplaced Mercenaries:

Illusions of Decency

Book: 4

After serving with Keane to save Greenshade, the cowardly, illusion-making runecrafter Morholt leads a group of mercenaries on a mission to save the women from his past. His one rule: no killing.

But after a terrible accident leaves one of Sarah’s oldest friends dead in the Sedrian jungle, the unstoppable Hill Fury pursues Morholt relentlessly across the Thirteen Kingdoms.

Because the renewed Temple of the Sky is trying to murder all those with the sacrilegious runecrafting ability, Sarah requests their help. But soon Sarah must decide who her true enemies are: Morholt and his runecrafters—or the Temple of the Sky itself.

Meanwhile, Tyrrane and its evil god want to kill everyone. But a royal plot is underway to overthrow their god, with true villains pitted against cosmically scaled assholes, and world-shaking consequences no matter what happens.

Will the forces of good and sorta-good come together before the forces of definitely not-good crush them, ruin their lands, and take all of their ex-girlfriends?

Not if history is any indication.

About the Author: Kevin Pettway

Kevin Pettway is a long-time fan of good fantasy as well as a smartass. He has brought together these two burning passions to create the Misplaced Mercenaries series, the first of which you now hold in your hand. Or are reading digitally. No one is telling you how to live.
Kevin lives in Florida with his wife of twenty-six years and two ridonkulously cuddly dogs, where too much of his time is spent wondering if he will someday be introduced to the world as “Florida Man.”

You can find Kevin on FaceBook, Instagram, or his own website at Fair warning, he is a smartass there, too.

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